Maurizio Giannotti

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  I am a physicist from Italy. 

  I studied in Rome (Universita la Sapienza) and got my Ph.D. in L'Aquila with Z.Berezhiani. 
  I moved to the US for a Post Doc in the 
  Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology group (T-2) 
  at the Theoretical division of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  Now I have a faculty position at   Barry University, 
  a beautiful, small, quiet University in Miami Shores, FL.
  Here is my Barry faculty page
My main interests are quantum field theory and astroparticle physics.

Here is the list of my publications.

Some Class Material

Getting ready for PHY-201: Contains reviws and problems on One Dimensional Kinematics, plus some Math Problems.
Read (study) this material before class starts.
Getting ready for PHY-202/212: This is a very simple introduction to electrostatic problems, with worked out problems.
Read (study) this material before class starts.
Problems for Physics Lab: To be ready for the Lab quizzes.
No need to know before class starts.

Useful Facts and Links

Lately I have been using MESA. It is a great code for simulations in stellar evolution.
We have developed a very intuitive, GUI interface to analyze the results from MESA. You can see some images and download it from the link here. MESAFace.

My Contact Information

Maurizio Giannotti,
Assistant Professor of Physics,
Physical Sciences, Barry University,
11300 NE 2nd Ave., Miami Shores, FL 33161
305-899-4565 (office),     305-899-3479 (fax)